Electricity Storage:
The Missing Link

Imagine a world without polluting power plants, powered purely by clean electricity. This world is closer than you think. The sun and the wind are powerful enough, and so are the technologies to harvest their energy. All we need is low cost electricity storage.
Elestor’s breakthrough flow battery stores electricity at a fraction of the cost of traditional batteries, safely and with a long lifetime.

Elestor has created the enabling technology for a 100% clean electricity supply.

Elestor’s Solutions:
The Key to a Clean World

Cutting the cost of electricity storage is our mission. This is why we use low cost and abundant active materials, a compact cell that is easily manufactured, and a (patented) simplified system design.
This triple cost reduction strategy results in the lowest possible cost for storing electricity. The Elestor solution is robust, has a long lifetime, no self-discharge and delivers power quickly.

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This milestone accomplished

End plates

End plates

By minimizing manufacturing cost and at the same time optimizing the performance of each system quality, Elestor managed to reduce the total costs per stored kWh. To accomplish this milestone, Elestor has introduced several new technical developments. Learn more »

Meet the team

The current Elestor team is formed by 10 employees, covering all (technical) disciplines to develop the complete battery technology, combined with extensive business development experience.

Team Elestor

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