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Enfuro Ventures invests in companies which are active in the field of sustainable energy. Enfuro was founded in the summer of 2013 by Erik Schut and Ruud Rijbroek, two experienced entrepreneurs, who want to seriously contribute to the transition to sustainable energy. Open website »


Autodesk, Inc., is a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. Since its introduction of AutoCAD software in 1982, Autodesk continues to develop the broadest portfolio of 3D software for global markets. Open website »


Powerlab is a platform where education and industry cooperate in a structural way in the field of sustainable energy. This cooperation enables the transition to a new energy world, supported by more and better equipped students, start-ups and employees in the EMT sector. Open website »


‘Energy Storage NL’ interconnects enterprises, knowledge institutes, government and financial institutes, in order to support creation of sustainable business cases for energy storage, which contribute to a successful transition to a clean, reliable and affordable energy supply. Open website »


KIC InnoEnergy is the European company dedicated to promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and education in the sustainable energy field by bringing together academics, businesses and research institutes. Open website »



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The mission of ‘Gelderland Valoriseert’ is to support and strengthen the innovative abilities in the region. This goal is achieved by offering a variety of facilities to entrepreneurs, students, researchers and others who have innovative ideas. Open website »


The ‘Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (’ stimulates the Netherlands with sustainable, agricultural, innovative and international enterprising, by means of subsidies, identification of business partners, knowledge and to comply with laws and legal instructions. Open website »


Elestor received funding from Operationeel Programma Oost 2014-2020 for the project “Elestor Stand Alone System” under grant number 00064.

Product innovation forms the basis for conservation and growth of competitive power, and as such, for conservation of employment in the Eastern part of the Netherlands. Open website »


PCT stimulates innovation at Small and Medium sized enterprises, which are active in the manufacturing industry, and involved in creative technologies. Open website »