Autodesk, a leader in 3D design and engineering software, has selected Elestor to become a member of the Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program. Under the agreement Elestor has free use of Autodesk software for a period of three years. Autodesk products that Elestor now uses include: Autodesk Product Design Suite Ultimate, Autodesk Fusion 360 and Autodesk Simulation CFD Motion.

Clean tech companies like Elestor are adressing some of the most important challenges facing our world today, “ said Catherine Doyle, global lead of Autodesk’s Clean Tech Initiative. “We are proud to support their growth and success through the Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program.

Elestor founder Wiebrand Kout commented: “We are really gratefull that Autodesk allows us to use their world-class CAD and engineering software. I have fifteen years of experience in 3D CAD design, and I am impressed by the quality and efficiency of the latest Autodesk products. The software allows us to do a lot of prototyping in the virtual world, resulting in a much faster development process.”

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