Just before the end of 2015, the closing of the Shareholder and Participation Agreement with Enfuro Ventures and KIC InnoEnergy took place. The agreement forms a very important milestone in the development of Elestor BV, and covers the scale-up of the company during the next years.

In the words of Wiebrand Kout, founder and CTO of Elestor BV: “We were delighted to experience such a great deal of interest from the industry and financial markets. Our storage technology and business proposition received a lot of attention, from several, also international, parties. It therefore turned out that identifying funding opportunities was not our most challenging task. Instead, finding investors, not only capable of funding but also sharing and supporting Elestor’s philosophy and business strategy, indeed was.

Apart from providing the financial means to develop Elestor, we considered of equal importance that our investors themselves have a track-record as entrepreneurs, and as such act as our sparring partners and sounding board. In this respect, both Enfuro Ventures and KIC InnoEnergy are the perfect partners for realizing the anticipated growth of Elestor BV”.

In the same financial closing, Guido Dalessi, CEO of Elestor BV, joined the group of investors.


Enfuro Ventures
Enfuro Ventures invests in companies which are active in the field of renewable energy. Founded by Ruud Rijbroek and Erik Schut, two experienced entrepreneurs, Enfuro Ventures’ mission is to actively contribute to the transition to renewable energy. The companies in which Enfuro Ventures invests, get access to support in the fields of strategy, marketing, management, networking and finance. www.enfuro.nl

KIC InnoEnergy
KIC InnoEnergy supported the founding of Elestor BV, so was already involved in the earliest days of the company. KIC InnoEnergy’s mission is to build a sustainable long-lasting operational framework amongst the three actors of the knowledge triangle in the energy sector: Industry, Research and higher education, and ensure that this integration of the three is more efficient and has a higher impact on innovation (talent, technology, companies) than the three standing alone. www.kic-innoenergy.com