The Elestor solution

In addition to the intrinsic advantages related to HBr electricity storage, Elestor has developed a unique HBr storage system concept (patent pending), whereby the full focus has been on minimizing the cost per stored kWh.

Each individual system quality (lifetime, no. of (dis)charge cycles, efficiency/cycle, material costs, production costs) contributes to the total cost per stored kWh. In this number, also known as the ‘Levelized Cost of Storage’ [€/kWh], every system quality is taken into account.

Minimizing the costs per stored kWh

By minimizing manufacturing cost and at the same time optimizing the performance of each system quality, Elestor managed to reduce the total costs per stored kWh. To accomplish this milestone, Elestor has introduced several new technical developments, resulting in:

Long system lifetime

» Over 10.000 charge/discharge cycles

High system efficiency

» 80% per complete charge/discharge cycle

Low material costs

» Abundant availability of Br2 and H2

Low production costs

» No Hcompressor required
» Smart production procedures
» Innovative and simplified – yet robust -
system architecture

Flow plates
End plates

Storage system versus battery pack

The Elestor storage solution is to be considered a machine rather than a closed battery pack: All parts, circulation pump, valves, electrochemical cells and control electronics, are easily accessible. In contrary to closed battery packs, Elestor’s storage systems can always be repaired, serviced and upgraded, which further prolongs the systems’ already long lifetime, leads to a further reduction of storage costs per kWh, and further enhances the return on investment.

As a result, Elestor presents an innovative HBr – based storage system, showing a cost of as low as € 0,05 per kWh. With this cost-level, the Elestor HBr storage system has become the new benchmark in electricity storage technology.